Season 2019/20

Adelaide University Cricket Club

Registration is now open for the 2019-20 season.


By self-registering you ensure that all of the data that you provide is up to date and that you agree to adhere to all club and association terms & conditions. This also covers your insurance for both SACA & AU Sport purposes.

Please ensure that you complete all aspects of the registration form and choose the right membership category for you. The system will automatically calculate your total and you can choose a payment option that suits you, you can either pay in full, or set up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plan to spread the payments.

Please note if you are thinking of selecting the CASUAL PLAYERS option. This is for non-regular of 'fill-in' players who play up to 6 matches per season and do not train. Each Casual Membership purchase entitles the member to one day of cricket. For example if you are selected for a one day match then this would cover you for that match, however if you are selected for a 2-day match then you are required to purchase 2x Casual memberships.
If you train regularly this option is NOT for you.

Your subscription fees contribute to the cost of running the club from match day costs, facility maintenance, kit & equipment, coaching, association fees and other operating costs. Subscriptions are not directly linked to how many matches that you may play.

If there are any questions or issues regarding the registration process please contact Martin Southern


  • $ 355 Player - Men's Full
  • $ 285 Player - Men's Student (UoA)
  • $ 285 Player - Men's Student (Other Institution)
  • $ 160 Player - Men's Veteran
  • $ 26 Player - Men's Casual (Max. 6 Days Per Season)
  • $ 285 Player - Boys Junior (Under 18)
  • $ 250 Player - Women's Full
  • $ 210 Player - Women's Student (UoA)
  • $ 210 Player - Women's Student (Other Institution)
  • $ 10 Player - Women's Casual (Max. 6 Days Per Season)
  • $ 75 Player - Women's Development Squad Season 1
  • $ 210 Player - Girls Junior (Under 18)
  • $ 150 Rock UP Cricket Membership
  • $ 0 Coach/Manager
  • $ 22 AU Sport Fee (Junior)
  • $ 88 AU Sport Fee (Senior)
  • $ 50 Toyota Raffle
  • $ 65 SACA PC Players Catering Fee


Luke Johnston
Rebecca Law
Luke McAlister
Martin Southern
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