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AU Rock UP Cricket Season 2019-20 - Registration Now Open

Free of charge to all participants and with all equipment provided, the program will be supported by SACA Development team and by current Blacks as we welcome new players into our club. Seasons will run in March and September.

Rock  Up  Cricket 2019


2019 AU Rock UP Cricket is AUCC’s Social Cricket Development Program. It focuses on fun & development for all players in a social and progressive environment.

Aimed at International Students and those not playing regular club cricket AU Rock UP Cricket is a great place to learn the game and get started with The Blacks.

Season 1 starts Monday 30 September at Uni Oval Park 12.

$150 annual membership. Plus $88 AU Sport membership for non-UofA students.
Payment plan is available to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


AUCC match / training tee shirt & cap.

- All equipment provided (except box protection).

- Dedicated coach
- Access to club facilities & resources.
- Sunday Super Cricket T20 matches. Round 1 Sunday 20 October.

For further info email Cricket@theblacks.com.au.

Season 2019/20

Registration is now open for the 2019-20 season. 


By self-registering you ensure that all of the data that you provide is up to date and that you agree to adhere to all club and association terms & conditions.  This also covers your insurance for both SACA & AU Sport purposes.   

Please ensure that you complete all aspects of the registration form and choose the right membership category for you.  The system will automatically calculate your total and you can choose a payment option that suits you, you can either pay in full, or set up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plan to spread the payments.  

If there are any questions or issues regarding the registration process please contact Martin Southern cricket@theblacks.com.au.

Register Now

Join The Blacks for 2019-20. Proud History, Exciting Future...

If you would like to join the Blacks for 2019-20 CLICK HERE 

2018-19 AUCC Annual Awards Dinner

Friday 5 April
National Wine Centre 

The 2018-19 Annual Awards Dinner saw big wins for Sam Kerber, Payas Bidwai, Nicole Collie and Paul Roberts.  The event was attended by Vice Chancellor Prof Peter Rathjen in his role as Club Patron and he was accompanied by his wife Prof Joy Rathjen.

AUCC President Stephen Dickinson was awarded Life Membership of the club and the Service to the Club Award was presented to Luke Johnston, For a full list of all award winners see below;

The Patrons Award                                                                        Sam Kerber
David J David Award for the Best First Year Player                        Eddie Steele
Graham j Winter Award for the Most Improved Player                    Bailey Wightman
David R Oaten Award for Attendance & Attention at Practice             Amber Shelton
Michael David Award for Best Performance in more than One Grade  Payas Bidwai.   
Bruce C Dolman Memorial Award for Best 1st Grade Team Man      Ben Ellis
David Penn Award for Best Team Woman                                      Mel Britton
Bill Baker Award for Best Individual Performance - Men             Sam Kerber  152 runs & 3/19 v Sturt R13 
Best Individual Performance - Women                                           Nicole Collie 138 runs & 1 wicket V Southern Districts R1
John R Kite Like 'em There Award                                                 Andrew Warner & Nathan Adcock  31
Mark Williams Award for Wicket Keeping                                   James Madden,  31 dismissals
AE Flynn Memorial Trophy for Best IV Performance                  Ben Wakim  188 v UQCC
Malcolm RS Penn Award for Captain of the Year                    Paul Roberts  LO5
AW Peter Whimpress Award for Service to the Club             Luke Johnston
Tom R Palmer Award for Best Finals Performance                          Payas Bidwai 79 runs off 327 balls v Kensington 2nd Grade Grand Final

Image 8 2019- 04- 08 20- 01- 08
Sam Kerber presented with the Bill Baker Award for Best Individual Performance by AUCC Life Membership Inductee Stephen Dickinson 

Image 5 2019- 04- 08 20- 01- 08
Paul Roberts presented with the Malcolm RS Penn Award for Captain of the Year by David Penn 

Aggregate Awards
John T Gun Award for 1st Grade Batting                                     Sam Kerber 634 runs @63.4
Dr Kevin Griffiths Award for 1st Grade Bowling                      Bailey Wightman  27 wickets @ 19.44
Cam Williamson Award for 1st Grade All-Rounder Sam Kerber 634 runs and 24 wickets  
Nathan T Adcock Award for Best Performance in 1st Grade LO Comp  Ben Wakim 403 runs
H Grant Chapman Award for 1st Grade Fielding Sam Kerber
Peter H Maddern Award for 2nd Grade Batting Anubhav Chauhan 489 runs @ 48.9
Robert M O'Shannassy Award for 2nd Grade Bowling Payas Bidwai 27 wickets @ 11.93
Gunar M Krievs Award for 2nd Grade All-Rounder Payas Bidwai 402 runs & 27 wickets
Shaun P Brennecke Award for 3rd Grade Batting Charles Clist 383 runs @ 76.6
Ian R Parsons Award for 3rd Grade Bowling Aaron Laslett 21 wickets @ 13.9
Jason P Turnbull Award for 3rd Grade All-Rounder Jack Bennetts.  113 runs & 12 wickets
Gregory A Howe Award for 4th Grade Batting Luke Smoker  279 runs @ 34.88
Anthony J Crocker Award for 4th Grade Bowling Luke Smoker  23 wickets @ 12.65
Stephen FJ Dickinson Award for 4th Grade All-Rounder Luke Smoker 270 runs & 23 wickets
Rosemary J Penn Award for Women's 2nd Grade Batting Nicole Collie 593 runs @ 84.71
Women's 2nd Grade Bowling Award donated by Simon Atterton Julie Culbert 24 wickets @ 8.83
Adam P Kimber Award for B2 Batting Michael Yates  321 runs @ 53.5
Chris J Owen Award for B2 Bowling Jonathan Roberts 16 wickets @ 11.19
Garry J Davis Award for C2 Batting Daniel Byrne 312 runs @ 44.57
Ashley C Moule Award for C2 Bowling Daniel Byrne 21 wickets @ 11.81
Darryl P Watson Award for LO1 Batting        Nathan Adcock 521 runs @ 43.42
Robert TA Padbury Award for LO1 Bowling Jason Turnbull 32 wickets @ 16.78
Antony S Lock Award for LO5 Batting Paul Roberts 510 runs @ 39.23
Michael J Durant Award for LO5 Bowling Luke McAlister 18 wickets @ 16.29
Women's ATCA Batting Lucy Martinson 117 runs @ 16.71
Women's ATCA Bowling Rachel Banham 6 wickets @ 24.5
Dr Frank Sergi Award for Over 50s Batting Dr Frank Sergi 271 runs @ 90.33
Tim Pellen Award for Over 50s Bowling Tim Pellen 15 wickets @ 16.73

Image 6 2019- 04- 08 19- 55- 25
Nicole Collie presented with the Best Individual Performance Award by AUCC President Stephen Dickinson. 

AUCC Life Membership Stephen Dickinson

Chester Bennett Award for AUCC Cricketer of the Year Payas Bidwai

Image 1 2019- 04- 08 20- 01- 46
AUCC Chester Bennett Cricketer of the Year Payas Bidwai with University of Adelaide Vice Chancellor and AUCC Patron Prof Peter Rathjen 

AUCC Team of the Year 
Nicole Collie Women's 2nd Grade
Frank Sergi   wk Over 50s
Sam Kerber 1st Grade
Payas Bidwai 2nd Grade
Paul Roberts    Capt LO5
Rachel Banham Women's ATCA
Daniel Byrne C2
Luke Smoker 4th Grade
Jonathan Roberts B2
Aaron Laslett 2nd Grade
Bailey Wightman 1st Grade
Jason Turnbull LO1

56504146 2411937712173025 6523026733791182848 o
Back row L-R.  Aaron Laslett, Bailey Wightman, Jason Turnbull, Nicole Collie, Daniel Byrne, Jonathan Roberts 
Front Row, Payas Bidwai, Luke Smoker, Sam Kerber, Paul Roberts, Frank Sergi
absent Rachel Banham

Take a look at our Photo Album: 2018-19 Annual Awards Dinner

Images from the Annual Awards Dinner held at the National Wine Centre.
Friday 5 April 2019
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Take a look at our Photo Album: 2018-19 Annual Awards Dinner (3)

2018 Cricket Australia Premier Cricket Club of the Year


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